About Us

About Us

Established in 1992, Freeform Communications Inc. is a full service Investor Relations Firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

With over 90 years of combined experience, specializing in a full range of investor relation and capital market services, Freeform has represented a wide array of public and private clients and has assisted each in attaining their targeted goals including the raising of capital and broadening their shareholder base.

We work with private and public ventures to increase awareness at all stages of development from a start-up through listing on an exchange and beyond. Our relationships and experience gives us the ability to match up investors in the natural resource, energy, logistics, infrastructure, food & beverage, alternate energy, and technology sectors. We pride ourselves with the level of loyalty and integrity we share with our clients while delivering the highest possible service. Freeform Communications aims to create fully customizable service packages to seamlessly fit a company's existing infrastructure.

We are excited to now be affiliated with Vested (www.vested.ca) a Vancouver based crowdfunding service offering opportunities to startup comapnies and investors alike. Their offerings currently cover everything from mining to block chain situations.

We currently offer a range of service packages, tiered to fit your needs.